December 11, 2009

Prime Minister Odinga Welcomes Hyun Jin Moon, Gobal Peace Festival to Kenya

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Dr. Hyun Jin Moon was greeted by Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his wife Ida, who joined an international delegation that included seven former heads of state and more than 120 members of parliament, spiritual leaders and a crowd of more than 10,000 Kenyans to kick off Nairobi’s Global Peace Festival (GPF).

“This is an important day for Kenya and for Africa,” said Odinga, who came to office after a historic power-sharing agreement with political rival President Mwai Kibaki ended a period of post-election violence. “It is a new beginning in the quest for our nation to be once again known as a nation of peace and security.”

In the festival’s keynote address, Moon urged Kenyans to take pride in their nation and Africa’s role as the cradle of civilization.

“The message of ‘one family under God’ should be a clarion call for this age,” he said. “The power of one human family united can quell the turmoil of conflict throughout the world, from the conflict in the Middle East, the remnant of the Cold War in Korea, and poverty, disease and civil strife in Africa.”

The festival – one of 20 held worldwide in 2008 that attracted more than 1 millions people – closed with a concert featuring some of Kenya’s top entertainers, including gospel and rap stars Jua Cali, Bilenge Musica, Kanji, and others.

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