December 11, 2009

Hyun Jin Moon Joins Paraguayan Officials and Entertainers Gathered for Peace

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As Paraguay’s Cultural Peace Festival participants looked skyward from Asuncion’s historic Plaza de Armas outside the National Congress today, soldiers borne by helicopter fast-roped into the crowd carrying flags of Paraguay, the United Nations and Global Peace Festival – a dramatic kick-off for a gathering in support of global harmony and interfaith cooperation.

After remarks by the President of the Congress and other government representatives, Thomas Field, President of the new Global Peace Foundation of Paraguay, introduced Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, who spoke to the gathering about the importance of unity among nations and people as ‘one family under God’.

Taped for an April broadcast on Paraguay national television, the four-hour program that followed included musical performances by 23 different acts, including local music icon Quemil Yambay, who received a GPF award.

The festival was the culmination of recent cooperation between the GPF and the nation of Paraguay. Dr. Moon visited the country in February and July 2008 to deliver speeches at the National Congress Hall and Olympia Stadium. Previously, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, also sponsored by the Global Peace Foundation of Paraguay, was attended by more than 350 female leaders of the country, including representatives of the Congress and Senate.

Paraguay’s Peace Festival was one of 20 events held in 2008 that attracted more than 1 million people committed to a worldwide vision of peace and interfaith harmony.

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